Crossing the Goal Playbook

Catholic Book Review: Crossing the Goal: Playbook on the VIRTUES
By Danny Abramowicz, Peter Herbeck, Brian Patrick, and Curtis Martin

Last year I had the honor of attending a men's conference in Columbus, Ohio which was not like your typical men's conference. At this conference instead of just hearing the speakers, we actually got to witness and be a part of a live taping of EWTN's "Crossing the Goal." This is a show on EWTN for men, which has a "sportscenter" feel to it. It is interesting how at first glance this show looks as if it could be on ESPN, but instead of being a show for men about sports, it is a show for men about faith. The team of men that leads this show are: Danny Abramowicz, Peter Herbeck, Brian Patrick, and Curtis Martin. Danny is a former NFL receiver and NFL coach; Peter is VP and Director of Missions for Renewal Ministries; Brian Patrick is host of the Son Rise morning show on various catholic radio stations; and Curtis is President and Founder of FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students). The show takes on topics and issues facing men today, and gives great thoughts and practical advice for help in overcoming these issues.

I had the privilege of recently reading one of their supplemental workbooks ("Crossing the Goal: Playbook on the VIRTUES), which are designed to help reinforce some of the messages that go along with the show. It is not necessary for someone to watch the show in order to gain something from the book, as I do not watch the show myself (don't have cable or satellite; however I would certainly watch the show if I could). Now, even though I am not a regular viewer, I still found this book to be very thought provoking and valuable. I think that its beauty and strength is in its simplicity. The concepts are not deep theological theories, but rather realistic and practical. The writers clearly define and illustrate each virtue and discuss issues that threaten a man's ability to live out that particular virtue. Each chapter ends with a "coaching tip" which provides simple and practical advice for living out that virtue and growing in your relationship with the Lord. The book contains a chapter and discussion of each of the following virtues: Courage, Perseverance, Temperance, Wisdom, Justice, Faith, Hope, and Love.

I found that this book providing me with a greater understanding of each of the virtues and also got me thinking about many areas in my own life where I could use more help and do a better job living a life of virtue. I think that this book is perfect for anyone who is wishing to begin looking at the virtues and applying them in their own life. This book can be used by an individual or as part of a men's group. Having read this book, I can see how it would have great value in a men's group, as I believe the the topics discussed in this book could lead to great discussions among men. However you use this book, when working through it, it is important to ask the Holy Spirit to show you His truth and how you can apply these virtues in your own life.

The team at crossing the goal has done a fantastic job with this book, and I would strongly recommend this book to any man wishing to grow in his faith and to be the kind of man that God created him to be. Whether you watch the show or not, this book is another tool that can help you during this life, and it is another tool in this world which points to our ultimate destination ... heaven.

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