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Catholic Book Review: Sex Au Naturel: What It Is and Why It's Good For Your Marriage by Patrick Coffin

Sex Au Naturel ... the content of this book by Patrick Coffin is as intriguing as its title. This book is essentially a clearly articulated and straightforward explanation and defense of the Church's teaching against contraception and reproductive technology. The book draws the majority of its information from Pope Paul VI's encyclical Humanae Vitae, as well as other sources (i.e. Scripture, Catechism, Theology of the Body, etc). Through this book the author educates about the teachings of the Catholic Church in regards to sex, contraception, sterilization, and reproductive technologies. The author educates while weaving in his own journey of originally rejecting the Churches teaching, then coming to see the beauty and the truth of what the Church teaches.

Sex Au Naturel does a fantastic job or clearly articulating what the Church teaches ... and why! I think that one of its strengths is that it shows where we stood on the issues many years ago, and where we stand today. One interesting nugget of information from the book was this: "No protestant body accepted contraception before 1930." This means that not that long ago, contraception was not an acceptable thing in any church, and it was most likely that it was not acceptable in society either. It is very interesting to me that we have gone from a world where contraception was viewed in such a negative light, to today where people look at you crazy if you are not using it. The book goes on to address this, and the reasons why we have gone to a society that now embraces contraception as the way to true freedom. Unfortunately, so many people, and especially Catholics, do not realize that that sense of freedom is a false one; and that contraception leads us away from our true calling to love and be loved. Thankfully we have books like Sex Au Naturel that can be a part of helping people understand the truth about God's plan for us and for our marriages.

Some of other topics and issues that this book goes into are: the impact of Humanae Vitae on the world, the biblical arguments against contraception, the blessed trinity and the sexual union, information about the myth of the "population bomb", sterilization, the differences between birth control and Natural Family Planning, and information about reproductive technologies. These topics are all straightforward and easy to understand. The author also adds a great number of resources at the end of the book on many great organizations if one wishes to go further in their journey towards God's truth.

Whether you are some one who strongly believes in the Church's teaching against contraception, someone who would like to know more about what and why the Church does not approve of contraception, or simply someone who disagrees with the Church in this area; then this is the book for you. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to learn more behind the what and the why of the Churches teaching on contraception.

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