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Catholic Book Review: Diagnosis Critical: The Urgent Threats Confronting Catholic Healthcare, By Leonard J. Nelson, III

This is a long over due book review ... having a new baby, moving, and starting a new job will tend to do that to you. The book Diagnosis Critical, by Leonard J. Nelson, III; takes a look at issues and challenges facing Catholic Healthcare Institutions. The book came out earlier this year, and it seems to be very timely, especially in light of the many future challenges that we are facing with the new administration and the democratically controlled congress. This book is also very timely in regards to the the current health care debate, which is a focus in a few chapters of this book.

This book covers and is broken into the following sections:
  1. The Moral Foundations of Catholic Health Care
  2. Catholic Identity
  3. The Struggle to Maintain Catholic Identity
  4. Catholic Health Care and Conscientious Objection
  5. End-of-Life Issues
  6. Social Justice and Health Care Reform
While this book provides a very detailed and informative background on Catholic Health Care in the US, as well as it's information in regards to moral foundations and ethics; I believe that the strength of this book lies in it's coverage of current issues. Nelson does a good job of discussing current issues such as end of life issues, especially in terms of provided the case study of Terri Schiavo. His discussion of social justice issue and health care reform couldn't be any more timely. He provides good information in regards to what health care reform should look like and how a government run health care option could pose a potential threat to Catholic Health Care Institutions that wish to keep a strong Catholic Identity. Nelson also shows how a bigger role for government may lead to Catholic Institutions being forced to provide services that go against the Catholic Church's strong teaching of life issues.

In light of the new administration and other forces seeking to expand certain "reproductive rights" and "end of life care", it is clear that Catholic Health Care Institutions will be faced with continued pressure and other difficult decisions. If legislation and policies lead to laws that require institutions to provide such services, the Catholic Health Care institutions will be faced with the possibility of closing, losing funding, changing focus and services, and many other challenges and difficult decisions. These important institutions provide great services to their communities and to all those involved, it is so important that we as the "Church Militant" stay informed and active in events that have the potential to affect our health care institutions.

While this book provides great information and great thoughts in regards to the future of Catholic Health Care Institutions, I believe that this book best serves as a resource for those wishing to stay informed. Leonard J. Nelson, III does a thorough job of covering the threats confronting our Catholic Health Care Institutions, and this book comes at a great time as our religious institutions are under great attack.

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  1. We must continue to pray that the leaders of our Catholic Hospitals have wisdom and clarity as they navigate the changes in healthcare. I can't imagine a tougher job, and they will need our prayers. M-I-L



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