A time for everything

Readings for Friday September 26, 2008

First Reading: Ecclesiastes 3:1-11
Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 144
Gospel: Luke 9:18-22

"He has made everything appropriate to its time, and has put the timeless into their hearts, without man’s ever discovering, from beginning to end, the work which God has done." (Ecc 3:11)

When we read this passage from today's readings, it is really quite humbling when you think about it. There are so many times in our lives that we want things to happen instantly; perhaps it is a good grade on a paper, a job promotion, or our kids to pick up after themselves (they were told them 10 times already, shouldn't they learn now?). But we learn today that there is a time for everything, and it is really not our time at all; it is God's time, and His time is perfect. The passage above reminds us that His timing is perfect, and if we are not careful we can go our entire lives not realizing the work that God has done in our lives.

There is one line that really struck me from the reading today; "a time to be silent, and a time to speak." We are all caught up in these moment and it is very hard to know when to say something (and what for that matter) and when not to say something. In all of these situations there is a choice to be made, the author does not say that we should always be silent or that we should always speak up, no there is some discernment that we need to go through. Ultimately it comes down to what God is calling you to do at that moment. It takes great courage at these times, and it is in these moments that we need to pray for the Holy spirit to work in us, to give us the courage and guide our words, or to give us the courage and bite our tongue. We must remember that no matter the situation, we should not worry what to say or do because if we cooperate with God, the Holy spirit will guide us.

Timing ... I think this is something that we all have, do , and will struggle with in our lives. There is an appointed time for everything, and let us ask for the Lord's guidance in the timing of things in our lives. After all it is His timing and His plan that we are following...wouldn't it naturally make since to ask the Lord to steer us in the right direction?

"There is an appointed time for everything, and a time for every affair under the heavens." (Ecc 3:1)

Blessed be the Lord, our rock and our salvation! We thank you and give you praise for this day. Lord, help us to trust in your timing and give us the courage and strength to follow you without hesitation. Lord God we pray for the wisdom to discern the timing of things in our lives. Help lead us Lord where you want us to go. Let us give thanks and praise to you for all the work in our lives. We pray for all those who have fallen away from their faith, may they be brought back to you love and mercy. We ask this all through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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