The Lord will not abandon his people

First Reading: Isaiah 10:5-7, 13-16
Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 94
Gospel: Matthew 11:25-27

Happy Wednesday, thanks be to God!

Normally I do not comment on the psalms too much, but today's responsorial psalm caught my attention. "The Lord will not abandon his people." What a terrific message of hope! Have you ever been abandoned by someone, had someone betray you or turn their back on you? I think that we have all felt like this to some degree. I think that many of us have experienced this sort of thing with family members or in relationships. I remember a time in college when a girl that I was really head over heals for broke up with me. I was devastated and I felt so abandoned, I just couldn't understand why we broke up, especially when things were going so well. Of course I look back on this and realized that that relationship wasn't meant to be because God had someone else planned for me, which I am eternally thankful for! But at the time those feelings were real. Or have you ever had a time at work when you might have messed up and the boss is coming down on you, and it seems as if nobody is on your side at all or supporting you? That feeling of isolation is terrible and is hard to deal with.

But praise the Lord, for as the psalmist tells us that no matter what "The Lord will not abandon his people." Once again, what a terrific message of hope! I know that I have messed up in my life way more than I care to admit, but I find a lot of peace in knowing that while I have turned my back to God, he does not turn his back on me. This makes me want to strive even more to please him and not make the same mistakes. When you have someone who is always there for you, and always listens to you; don't you want to do everything in your power not to disappoint them? No this in no way gives us free range just to go out and do whatever we want because the Lord is always there for us, we need to be making some effort in this relationship to serve God with all that we are and to use whatever tools he gives us in this life to better love and serve Him. One such tool that we should be taking advantage of frequently (and not just during Lent!) is reconciliation. This is such a powerful tool in our lives, and as a convert, I never really understood this Sacrament until before entering the church and actually experiencing the grace that God gives through reconciliation. I encourage all those who have not been to confession in a while to make time to go soon, you will not be disappointed!

Remember the Lord will not abandon his people; and who are his people you ask? in the gospel today we see that his people are the childlike, not the learned or the wise, but those who have the faith of a child?

Father in heaven, let us be like children and have an unshakable and solid faith in you. Jesus you are revealed to the Father, so reveal the Father to us so that we might join you in heaven one day. We ask this all through your name. Amen.

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