The pillar of our faith

Readings for Wednesday September 16, 2009

Memorial of Saint Cornelius, pope and martyr, and Saint Cyprian, bishop and martyr

First Reading: 1 Timothy 3:14-16
Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 111
Gospel: Luke 7:31-35

I am writing you, although I hope to visit you soon. But if I should be delayed, you should know how to behave in the household of God, which is the Church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of truth. (1 Tim 3:14-15)

Bishop Fulton Sheen once said, "People do not hate the Church and its teaching, only what they think it teaches." There is much confusion and many misconceptions in the world in regards to what the Catholic does and teaches. This confusion and misconception is not just with non-catholics, but with many Catholics as well. Regardless of how we may feel about a certain action or teaching done by the church, we must remember how Saint Paul spoke of the church, as the "pillar and foundation of truth."

Is there a teaching that you disagree with? Is there one that you just outright reject? Instead of rejecting this, try to pray through this. Ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart and mind to this teaching and to reveal the truth to you. I know that for me, during my conversion, a few issues that I really had were with the teachings on Mary and the Saints. After praying through this, I realized that part of my issues wasn't even with the teachings on Mary and the saints, but rather something deeper on which I was in need of healing. I have now come to embrace my Blessed Mother and acknowledge the great help and support that we get from the Saints in heaven. It is still amazing to me how my rejection and hardness of heart prevented me from seeing some of these beautiful teachings and the great wisdom of the church.

I would recommend to anyone looking to grow in your faith to take action. Perhaps join a bible study, if your parish does not offer one, then perhaps find a good home study course. Something that was valuable for me (and necessary as well to enter the church) was to attend the RCIA classes. These classes really gave me a good understanding of the faith and a great foundation for which to begin my journey in the Catholic faith.

We have a choice in this life, we can embrace the wisdom and truth of that the church has grown and developed over the past 2000 years, or we can reject it. The choice is yours.

Father above, we thank you and praise you for this day. Lord, we thank you for our Catholic Faith and we pray that we can continue to go deeper in conversion with you. Lord, we pray that your truth and your wisdom be clear in our lives and that rather than reject, we would seek to embrace and accept. Lord, we pray for all of our priests in their ministries and in their vows. We ask this all through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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  1. Another thought provoking post. I find that my prayer life seems to wax and wane. I think it's because I was never taught HOW to pray. Lately, however, I've been praying for my heart to be open to the gifts of the Holy Spirit as I am certain these gifts would help me with some very personal issues/situations I am facing at the present. I have even begun to ask for intercession from my patron saints (Veronica, Martha, Anthony). You would think, after converting 15 years ago, I would be a lot better at this. Perserverance. That's the key.



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