Well Done!

Readings for Wednesday November 18, 2009

First Reading: 2 Maccabees 7:1, 20-31
Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 17
Gospel: Luke 19:11-28

“A nobleman went off to a distant country to obtain the kingship for himself and then to return. He called ten of his servants and gave them ten gold coins and told them, ‘Engage in trade with these until I return.’ His fellow citizens, however, despised him and sent a delegation after him to announce, ‘We do not want this man to be our king.’ But when he returned after obtaining the kingship, he had the servants called, to whom he had given the money, to learn what they had gained by trading. The first came forward and said, ‘Sir, your gold coin has earned ten additional ones.’ He replied, ‘Well done, good servant! You have been faithful in this very small matter; take charge of ten cities.’ (Lk 19:12-17)

Today's gospel parable is one of my favorites, because it contains a beautiful phrase. Upon his return, the king finds out how the servants did with trading his money. The first one answers saying that he took the one coin and earned ten additional coins. Then the king says that phrase that I just simply love ... "Well done, good servant!" The reason I love this phrase so much is because these are the words that I long to hear after my time here on earth is through. I pray everyday for the strength and courage to follow the Lord, and I know that by doing so I can stand before our King and hopefully hear those amazing words, "Well done, good servant!"

We each have gifts that God has given to each of us. We are to use those gifts to glorify our creator. Now, it cant certainly be a scary thing at times to use our gifts because they might take a great deal of courage and trust in God. But we should have the courage of the mother form today's first reading (Mc 7:1,20-31). This woman was not afraid to sacrifice herself or her family, for she stayed strong under persecution and trusted in God completely. Following God's plan and using our gifts from Him as we should is certainly challenging, but it is truly the only way that we can find peace and fulfillment in this life. By doing so, then one day we can can hear those beautiful words ... "Well done, good servant!"

Father above, we thank you an praise you for the gift of this day. Lord, we thank you for the gifts that you have given us in this life, help not to waste them but rather use them for your glory. Lord, give us the strength to persevere in this life and to do your will. Lord, we pray for all those who do not know you and for all those who are in need of conversion. We ask this all through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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