The truth

Readings for Wednesday May 27, 2009

First Reading: Acts 20:28-38
Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 68
Gospel: John 17:11-19

I do not ask that you take them out of the world but that you keep them from the Evil One. They do not belong to the world any more than I belong to the world. Consecrate them in the truth. Your word is truth. As you sent me into the world, so I sent them into the world. And I consecrate myself for them, so that they also may be consecrated in truth." (John 17:15-19)

There is one thing in this world that has brought about the downfall of many people, businesses, kingdoms and cultures. This one thing sparks debate where ever you go, and can cause the blood of some people to boil. This one thing has been around since the beginning of creation, and will continue to cause problems on this earth until Jesus comes again in glory. This one thing is none other than ... the opinion. Opinions, we all have them, and we are usually all rooted in them until new evidence comes along causing us to form new opinions. Everyone has different personalities and experiences, therefore each of us has different opinions; some of which we may agree, others we will not. Most of the time we find ourselves judging others based on their opinions, we may not even really know the person, but because we heard one of their opinions on a topic we feel we have free range to stereotype and define that person. It is certainly not a bad thing for each of us to have our own opinions, we must be careful that we do not let our opinions guide our thoughts and actions, unless they are firmly grounded in truth.

While having opinions is not a bad thing, we must be sure that it is truth that we are following and not opinions. Jesus came to preach and show us the way, and the truth. Jesus makes it clear today that God's word is truth and that we are to consecrate ourselves to His truth. Jesus prayed for and consecrated Himself to us, so that we may also consecrate ourselves to the truth. We do not belong to this world, we belong to the God who loves us and wants us to be with Him forever.

The fact is even though we may have a certain opinions that we feel very strongly about, if they do not line up with God's truth or the truth of His church, then they are wrong; plain and simple they are wrong. We must align ourselves to the truth that God gives to us, the truth that will lead us to Him and lead us to everlasting life. We must always remember that it is the truth that will set us free, not our opinions.

Father above, we thank you for the gift of this day. Lord Jesus help lead us to your truth so that we may not be blinded by the things of this world. Lord, help us to lay down our pride and our own beliefs that prevent us from seeing your truth. Lord, we praise you for all that we have and all that we can do. We pray for all those who are in need of conversion and all those whose hearts are hardened by your light and your truth. We ask this all through Christ our Lord. Amen

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